30-Day Guaranteed Tenant Placement*

Keeping your rental property occupied with good tenants is important. At Panorama, we help you find tenants quickly and offer a 30-day guaranteed tenant placement service.
*terms & conditions apply. See below.

Our Approach

Professional Marketing and Advertising

We create high-quality marketing materials and advertise your property on multiple platforms, attracting potential tenants.

Rental Analysis

Our thorough rental analysis determines your property’s optimal price, balancing competitiveness and maximizing ROI.

Property Showings

Our team coordinates and conducts property showings, presenting your property effectively and addressing applicant inquiries.

Tenant Screening

Our rigorous screening process evaluates potential tenants, selecting responsible and reliable individuals to care for your property.

Lease Preparation and Signing

We prepare legally compliant lease agreements and facilitate the signing process, ensuring both parties understand their responsibilities.

Move-In Coordination

We assist with move-in by inspecting the property, documenting its condition, and providing essential contact information for tenants.

Terms and Conditions

Tenant Placement is only guaranteed when the asking rent is decided as per Panorama’s recommendations.
After 30 days – leasing service fee will be discounted by 1% of monthly rent for each extra days, up to a maximum of 25%.
Experience a hassle-free property leasing process with our comprehensive services, tailored to attract and retain high-quality tenants while maximizing your investment’s potential.

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