Proactive Maintenance Coordination for a Well-Maintained Property

At Panorama, we have developed a comprehensive approach to handle all maintenance requests and work with reliable contractors.

Our Approach

Tenant Maintenance Requests

Our online portal allows tenants to easily submit maintenance requests, report issues, and upload photos or videos of the problem. This streamlined communication system ensures that we address any concerns quickly.

Prioritization and Assessment

We prioritize emergency situations and promptly dispatch the appropriate contractor to resolve the problem. Our team evaluates the urgency and complexity of the issue to ensure the prompt resolution of maintenance requests.

Vetted Contractor Network

We maintain a network of trusted and skilled contractors committed to providing high-quality work at competitive rates. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that we only work with reliable professionals who adhere to our high service standards.

Work Order Management

We coordinate and oversee all maintenance projects, from small repairs to large-scale renovations. Our team manages work orders, schedules appointments, and communicates with contractors to ensure work is completed efficiently and to our exacting standards.

Quality Assurance

We conduct inspections to verify the quality of any maintenance work and ensure that the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction. If any issues are identified, we work with the contractor to address them promptly.

Transparent Communication

We keep property owners informed throughout the maintenance process, providing updates on the progress of repairs and any changes to the scope of work. This transparent communication ensures that you are always aware of the state of your property.

Cost Management

We negotiate competitive pricing with contractors and find cost-effective solutions to maintenance issues. Our team reviews invoices carefully to minimize expenses, helping you maintain your property without breaking the bank.
Don’t let maintenance issues stress you out. Contact us today to streamline your maintenance requests and ensure your property is always well-maintained.

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