Comprehensive Pet Screening to Safeguard Your Property

Having pets can attract more tenants and increase your property’s appeal, as long as they are well-behaved. We have a thorough pet screening process to minimize risks with pet-friendly rentals.

Our Approach

Pet Application

Prospective tenants with pets must submit a detailed pet application, providing information about their pet’s breed, age, weight, and vaccination records. This helps us evaluate the pet’s suitability for your property and identify potential issues.

Breed Restrictions

We review the pet’s breed and consult with the property owner to determine whether any breed restrictions should apply to your property.

Pet Interviews

In some cases, we may conduct a pet interview to observe the pet’s behavior and demeanor, ensuring they are well-behaved and non-aggressive. This allows us to assess the pet’s compatibility with your property and other tenants.

Pet Agreement and Deposit

We require tenants with pets to sign a pet agreement outlining their responsibilities for pet care, damage repair, and adherence to property rules. Additionally, we collect a pet deposit or fee to cover potential damages caused by the pet, offering you financial protection.

Regular Property Inspections

We conduct regular property inspections to ensure your property remains in excellent condition, paying close attention to any signs of pet-related damage or neglect. If any issues are identified, we promptly address them with the tenant to protect your investment.
Protect your investment and ensure responsible pet ownership with our comprehensive pet application, interviews, regular property inspections, and breed restrictions.

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